Why Partner With OTS? Transform your school(s) and achieve uninterrupted services, positive student outcomes, and improved cost efficiency by partnering with Orange Tree Staffing, LLC. We understand school districts' unique processes and procedures and have a proven track record of providing exceptional therapists, nurses, and professionals who make a profound difference in students' learning journeys. Our experience in the education sector has equipped us with valuable insights and a deep understanding of the impact that dedicated and talented staff can have on student achievement. We aim to help you create an environment where uninterrupted services are the norm, positive student outcomes are the priority, and your school(s) thrive. Contact us today to discuss how we can support your staffing needs and contribute to your students' success.
The Value of Partnering with OTS:
  • Extensive referral network of therapists
  • Proprietary database of Speech-Lanuage Pathologist, Occupational, and Physical Therapists/Assistants, School Psychologists, Special Education Teachers, RNs, LPNs, BCBAs, RBTs, TVI, to name just a few
  • Digital social media advertising to recruit for your specific requests
  • Knowledgeable team with professional recruiting experience
  • Experienced accounting team that adheres to best practices when partnering with procurement, purchasing, and accounting departments
  • Complete and detailed credentialing candidate process
  • Continuous follow up with clients to ensure the quality of the services are meeting and exceeding goals
  • Review quality of services, celebrate success stories and proactively address challenges that require change
  • Before the school year closes for summer vacation, OTS will actively confirm the return of our professional(s). This allows continuity of services, trust built between the child and professional, and an accurate measure of staffing when the next school year starts
  • Weekly or monthly billing offered
  • Credit and school purchase cards accepted
  • 24/7 point of contact for partners and professionals
Orange Tree Staffing provides the following screening on each candidate:
  • Pre-Screen
  • Recruit
  • Interview
  • Professional references and background checks
  • Verification of all credentials and licenses as required
  • Continues quality assurance follow up and management
When to Partner with OTS? Orange Tree Staffing understands the staffing challenges facing school administrators, organizations, and facilities today! Our seasoned team of talented, licensed professionals will supplement and support in-house programs and overcome staff challenges such as:
  • High and demanding caseloads
  • Time sensitive IEP and/or Service Plan delivery
  • Increased amount of new evaluations and re-evaluations
  • Transitional periods between permanent employees
  • Budget preventing additional permanent hires
  • Minimizing risk and ensure a good match for a potential permanent opportunity
  • Illness, vacations, maternity, medical, sabbatical and/or retirement vacancies
  • New bid process periods
  • Limited access to in-house services and unique situations
Flexibility When You Need It! Orange Tree Staffing is a cost-effective alternative to re-scheduling IEPs or Service Plans, delivering untimely evaluations, servicing spikes in increased caseloads or hiring of new permanent employees. Our allied health professionals are available at your request. Whether you need coverage for 1-day, 1 evaluation or on-going services, Orange Tree Staffing will fit your needs perfectly!
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