Why Partner With OTS?

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Make a profound difference within your school(s) by providing uninterrupted therapy services, driving positive student outcomes and bring profitability to your bottom line by contracting the staff you need…when you need them.  Partner with a therapy service that understands and is experienced with recruitment challenges and cost constraints facing school(s) today.  Maximize your school(s) resources by ensuring that every dollar spent improves efficiencies and attracts the most talented and brightest therapist. 

Let OTS assume the following with these benefits:

  • The costs of placing advertisements are transferred to OTS.
  • The length of time an open position(s) goes unfilled is reduced or eliminated.
  • Screening new applicants to ensure talented match specific to your population is performed by OTS.
  • OTS assumes costs, fees and time associated with processing and administering payroll.
  • Reduce cost contributed to retirement plans, health-care insurance premiums and other benefits your organization would otherwise pay.
  • Reduce overtime cost and minimize risk by reducing employee errors caused by stress, fatigue and burnout.
  • Reduce turnover cost.  In troubled economic times, many companies have decreased their size. As a result, core employees are stretched thin, resulting in increased stress levels, lower efficiency, missed work, and ultimately, turnover. The addition of a contractor can relieve this pressure.
  • In the unlikely event the professional proves not to be the correct choice, OTS will handle the necessary termination and find a replacement.
  • OTS performs quality control checks each week to celebrate and share success stories.  We pro-actively review any issues that need to be addressed to continually drive positive growth.
  • OTS handles all required records, professional reference checks and licensing for a stipulated period of time.
  • OTS is committed to professional development and educational opportunities by providing therapists that are placed by OTS with access to unlimited CEU courses.
  • OTS charges one all-inclusive hourly rate for all services performed during the contracted time.

Let Orange Tree Staffing focus on delivering best therapy practices, lower cost, improve results, and most importantly drive positive student outcomes.

Orange Tree Staffing provides the following screening on each candidate:

  • Pre-Screen
  • Recruit
  • Interview
  • Professional reference checks
  • Verification of all credentials and licenses as required
  • Continues quality assurance follow up and management

You pay no upfront fees for any services provided by OTS.  Redirect your time and resources to your most important business activities, “the children” and let OTS deliver on the recruitment, staffing and retention.

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