Continued Education (CEUs)

Connecting People

Orange Tree Staffing is committed to professional development and educational opportunities by providing therapists that are placed by OTS with access to unlimited CEU courses.   Therapists are able to choose from more than 1,000 online courses available 24/7 in live webinar, video, audio and text-based formats.  In addition to having access to unlimited CEU courses, OTS provides:

  • Access to virtual conferences and symposiums
  • Access to a monthly newsletter that provides information on the latest online trends, resources and courses available to enhance and support professionals
  • We encourage our therapist to attend “Write Track Handwriting Camps” course offered through an OTS OT partner.  Course provides hand writing skills, intervention and an “additional view” when working with a multi-disciplinary team to achieve child’s goals 
  • We sponsor programs giving each Therapist access to industry developments and learning activities.  These programs are presented via the web-based programs, journal reading groups, mentoring, workshops, conference calls and live segments
  • Our continues communication with therapists assist in celebrating successes and overcoming challenges.  We connect with therapist who have had similar challenges and provide insight of how to best achieve set goals
  • Our OTS Team is accessible 24/7 to support and answer any questions the therapist and our clients may have

OTS supports continued education for each therapist.  By doing so, we are able to offer the very best and brightest therapists to serve the children, family and schools.  Our vision and goal is to “Build and Inspire Growth”.