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Connecting People

We've helped thousands of individuals find careers they love and we've helped hundreds of organizations get connected with professionals who love their careers.  Read a few of our success stories below.

"As an OT with OTS I have been working at a UCP campus since 2012.  At UCP I see in-clinic and outpatient children from the age of birth to 21 years with a variety of diagnosis and developmental delays.  I treated a 3 year old little girl with autism. To describe my client upon initial visit, she was 2 years old and only exposed to the Spanish language in her home.  She was nonverbal, with self-injurious behaviors such as biting herself,  unable to attend to a task, and not able to playfully interact with others.  Though not bilingual and the only OT at the location, I was determined and began the usage of sensory processing activities.  With the help of speech therapy, she is using single words and some sign languages.  She has increased play interaction and now is able to tolerate table top activities for up to :10mn with the help of sensory modulation.  She has decreased the self-injurious behaviors by being redirected to using a chew tube to bite when upset.  She has come a long way in a short period of time with her daily increase in self-help, fine and visual motor age appropriate skills.  Thanks to OTS and their support, they found an opportunity for me that has been very rewarding and close to my home."  Kristina, OT

  - Kristina - Winter Garden, FL

"I started working with a 6 year old boy diagnosed with CP and fine motor skill challenges.  One of his short term goals was to recognize and write his alphabet and numbers 1-10.  In the first two weeks, it was difficult because he did not want to work, was very distracted and could not focus.  One day he came to me and asked "Why do you come for me?" I let him know "I'm here to help you become a better student in class, so that you can do things for yourself" he replied "I want to be like them" and he pointed to his class.  I let him know "let's work toegether to help get close to" and I pointed to his class.  I soon learned that he loved Star Wars.  I held his interest by adding Star Wars themes to his fine motor actvities.  Atfer a month plus, we celebrated succes when he recognized numbers 1-5, his first and last name, and the letters A-H, in no specific order.  Every time I work with him I continue to see growth development.  I'm so grateful that OTS was able to find an opportunity that makes a difference with children."  Nechy, COTA


  - Nechy - West Palm Beach, FL